about us

NPI International was created in 1991 to provide a specialist service supplying spare parts for lorries, public works vehicles, material-handling equipment, industrial engines for power generators, construction  equipement and marine engines...


Our clients are from a range sectors and are based mainly on the African continent.They manage fleets ranging in size from just a few vehicles to several hundred (lorries, public works vehicles, cranes, power generators, ships...).

We provide them with a solution to rationally, regularly and economically maintain their vehicles to ensure  constant and effective business operations. 


Many international and economic operators have entrusted us, since the beginning, with their sourcing of spare parts.


how we work

Spare parts for our clients are purchased as close to the source as possible : we are supplied by constructors, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and importers, allowing us to guarantee the best prices and optimum delivery times. We have access to an extensive database of several million references thanks to the IT, technical and personal support system offered by our partners.


Our offers are clear and technical support is often provided. Our proposed delivery times are tracked and monitored throughout the order process.





We inspect, regroup and redirect our products in secure conditions and with optimum delivery times to the client's chosen delivery destination : European freight forwarders, destination country freight forwarders or even directly to the end-user's site.


We offer a secure, fast, flexible service with an understanding of our clients' needs owing to regular site visits.


Our activity consists of several stages :

  • Identification of client's needs from regular site visits
  • Quote preparation, in accordance with the client's incoterm, technical support where necessary
  • Order tracking, regrouping, monitoring by approved companies
  • Re-packaging for optimum security
  • Order tracking and logistics from the beginning right up to the delivery destination


Our references : some of the largest international groups (mining, public works, transporters, agri-food manufacturers,freight forwarders and port operators...), as well as the French army, have all enlisted our services.